Best Glass Cleaner That Helps To Get Clean And Streak Free Surfaces Fast Absolutely Effort Free (My Review)

Kärcher Window Vacuum Cleaner And Why It Is So Effective..

window cleaning spray equipmentWe all know that window cleaning … not only a tiring activity which takes a lot of time and effort but also it requires practical skills to achieve brilliance and radiance.

My recent discovery is- Kärcher Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner.


Kärcher Window Cleaning Vac

A real cleaning helping tool which makes your window cleaning look like professional work with drip and streak- free result. Just spray, wipe, and vacuum.

And this is not just about window cleaning! See what also can be done :

  1. Windows (inside and outside)
  2. Tiles (kitchen or bathroom, floor or wall)
  3. Showers (screens, mirror or glass surfaces)
  4. Condensation (lime and black mould prevention)
  5. Spills ( all flat surfaces, from floors to workshops)


(Ideal for all smooth surfaces)


Kärcher consists of three main parts: squeegee, dirty water tank and main body with battery. It is lightweight, compact and handy.


Who would have thought it was possible to get excited about window cleaning!

This is my new best friend! Cleaning tasks, that have always taken me the better part of three hours to complete inside and out, have been speeded up by this little gadget.

All it takes me now is just 40 minutes a week! ===>

What model to choose?

There are few different models of Kärcher Cleaning Vac available ( WV1, WV2 and WV5)

I find that having the right tools for job are essential when it comes to cleaning your home. I have acquired a personal liking to the  Kärcher Window Vac WV 5 Premium. 

The package includes 2 sizes of cleaning suction head, spray bottle, microfiber cloth and detergent.


Why Choose Kärcher Cleaning Vac WV5 model? 

There are some differences with older versions which make your cleaning even more effortless:


  1. Removable battery…   WV5 can clean effectively across the whole house in just one battery charge and you can even buy a spare battery to charge up for uninterrupted cleaning. The battery is removable and comfortable handle with battery level indicator has three LEDs to indicate the current buttery status.

  2. Quiet…  The noise is no louder than your hair dryer and 10% quieter than the previous models. A very useful feature for busy mothers like me, who have their free time only when the child is asleep, level of noise is just the right level.

  3. Comfortable window edge cleaning…    The manually adjustable edge guides enable perfect streak-free cleaning results right up to the edges.

  4. Exchangeable suction nozzle…  Exchangeable suction nozzle  Choose your suction nozzle, large or small depending on the size of the surface you are cleaning.

  5. Bigger drainage…    The Cleaner Tank Drain output is bigger than before therefore it is quicker and easier to empty and clean without coming into contact with dirty water. The heavy duty plug has been redesigned to attach securely to the body of the machine 


What Other Things Can You Do With Kärcher Window Vacuum?

There are some other features which makes your cleaning so pleasant and and effort free.         ===>


Extension Pole  is a really helpful tool which is compatible with all models except WV1 allowing you to clean high windows and hard reach areas. Extendable up to 2m.

The Window Vac extension pole comes with a vario joint allowing you to clean at the correct angle. The kit comes with an additional pole you attach the microfiber cleaning cloth to, allowing you to wipe your windows down with detergent before you vacuum up the dirty water with your window vac attached to the extension pole.

This means high windows, conservatory ceilings and hard to reach areas can be easily cleaned and dried, streak free.


Another great function about Kärcher Window Vacuum Cleaner is to use it for car cleaning

I am sure my husband would like it, but I am single for now and the job has to be done. My little Yellow Mini with sunroof appreciates my yellow matching present and it makes my car shine like the sun…

…it allows you to suck up liquids from any smooth flat surfaces even in a horizontal position in the most awkward areas.




…job done!

Best Window Cleaning Equipment

What Others Are Saying About Kärcher Cleaning Vac?

  • It makes light work of my shower screen every morning. I have a dog who loves “huffing” on my glazed doors, now easily rectified. My mirrors shine! And lastly makes easy work of my windows!
  • This product is the best thing since sliced bread. I have Karcher cleaned my home within an inch of its life, my bathroom tiles,mirror and shower screen. I even cleaned the gloss doors on my cupboards in the kitchen. I am amazed how little water and Karcher window cleaner is required to clean the whole bathroom.
  • I have a hi-tech interior design in the house, many glass surfaces. It’s a kind of cordless rechargeable cleaning tool kit I really need! All my glossy surfaces can be shiny within minutes. I like it in the kitchen especially while cooking and leaving dirty marks on kitchen workshops and cupboards.
  • Window cleaning is three time faster with the Window Vac than conventional methods. Thanks to electric water vacuum, dripping water is a thing of the past!
  •  I live in  the house with Georgian style windows and the dirt from the top window ran down into the next glass, but the karcher catches the water now and stops all that.


Final Verdict : Why Do I Recommend Buying The Kärcher Window Vacuum?

Kärcher Cleaning Vac is clearly a very well made appliance, high quality materials (plastic, rubber) and effective gadget.

Yes… can expect to pay something around £100 depending if you wanted optional accessories, but your time and effort is priceless.

Also The window Vac is much cheaper in the long run compared to having the windows cleaned professionally once a month.

There is only a small difference between older and newer version. 



What Equipment Is Needed For Window Cleaning?

A few things you will need to purchase for window cleaning:

Squeegee, glass scraper, scrim or microfiber, T-bar applicator, bucket and cleaning detergent, window cleaning pole, etc.

Kärcher Window Vac has it all in one compact set.

Can I clean with vinegar my windows?

Yes, I happily would use it, a good recipe of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a half a glass of water. If you run out of vinegar, or don’t like the smell, you can also substitute lemon juice or club soda.

Can I use other liquids to clean in a spray bottle?

Also other cleaning solutions can be used in a spray bottle.

Can I use one of these for work?

My neighbour cleans hotel rooms.

Around 20 showers a day, she says. When she saw me cleaning my balcony doors outside, she instantly ordered one herself. I think she works only half a day now.


window cleaning machine

All glass, windows, mirrors and any flat surfaces I clean regularly because it is simply fun.